Alien Fleshlight review

Let’s start the Alien Fleshlight review!

The alien fleshlight is a unique masturbator that will take you to outer space with its experimental design and color. You’ll love how it makes an exciting pop when penetrating the sleeve, giving off this sense of wonderment for what’s next!

Here’s the deal, you’ll love it. This pocket pussy is like no other and has an awesome design with colors to match any outfit! The Alien Fleshlight is a masturbation sleeve that makes you feel like an alien in outer space. It’s the perfect way to take your solo time into fantasyland!

Alien Fleshlight review

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Let’s get a few things straight before we continue with this review. Yes, this is a real looking alien pussy that was made from an alien vagina. It is called Illa and it was captured in 1978 by FBI agent John Smith. She lives happily in Kansas City today. However, she did not want to pose for some pictures to promote the Alien Fleshlight and that is all we know about her past.

take your masturbation to outer space

Let’s have a look at the inside of the Alien Fleshlight

The Alien Fleshlight sleeve starts off with a wide chamber full of lines. The sides of the chamber have raised waves.

When you put your penis in the first chamber, it will feel tight. The last 2/3 of the Alien sleeve is a long narrow channel with balls inside that will finally massage your cock head and shaft when you push it deep enough.

alien fleshlight inside

Giving it a try for the first time

I have tried over 30 different Fleshlights. The Alien Fleshlight is my favorite. It has a blue shiny metallic color that looks like nothing on Earth. It also has an entrance that is triangular shaped, which makes it easy to penetrate when you are using it handsfree in the shower or with some other device to hold your Fleshlight.

alien fleshlight entrance

The first part of the sleeve is soft and not that hard to get into. But when you get to the last part, it feels weird. It feels really good though, and it’s a great stimulator. It’s not the best design I’ve seen but it has some good spots in there so I recommend you buy this one if you are a fan of Fleshlight sleeves.

Be sure to use lube too!

Get the shower mount

As I said earlier, the Alien Fleshlight is great for hands-free masturbation. You can take your dick all the way in and out over and over again. The entrance feels really good when you do this, especially if you like to feel penetration too. You can get it from for $30 or a few other resellers might have it in stock too. But if you get it from any of those places that allow 3rd party sellers, then there’s a chance it won’t be genuine and not as good quality as

Final thoughts about the Alien Fleshlight

Fleshlight Freaks is a series of products. Fleshlight Freaks Alien’s Queen is one of them and it has a different design than other Fleshlights. When you buy this product, you will have a lot of fun and it will be different than other Fleshlights.

I recommend the Alien Fleshlight if you want to take your masturbation to a whole new level.

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