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Who doesn’t love a good dildo these days? Its all the craze nowadays since it’s so much more convenient than looking for a good dick. it doesn’t matter if you are picky or choosy about the shape, size or color you want there are all types of dildos there which could exactly suit your needs. Here are few of the best BBC dildos out there.

1. Classic 10 Inch Dildo in Black

Are you new to sex toys or want to try a dildo for the first time and don’t really know what you are looking for and don’t want to spend much either?

Doc Johnson’s Classic 10 Inch is the one you are looking for. With a length of 10 inches, you can go as deep as you want (that’s what she said?). The dildo has a girth of 5.25” and a width of 1.6”.

Smooth rounded tip with a veined texture all the way to the bottom adds to the pleasure making this the prefect realistic Bbc dildo for the newbies.

The dildo is baseless without balls or a suction cup which means the dildo can’t be kept stable on a surface to use only your body movements. But that doesn’t mean it is any less pleasurable, use your sexy hands and try out different positions and angles.

This dildo is not meant for anal play as it doesn’t have a wide base to stop the dildo from slipping all the way in. But who am I kidding?

For those who won’t pay heed and want to stick it up in your butt, use caution! do not slip in too much you do not want to end up in the ER, not a great story to tell your grandkids.

The dildo is composed of PVC which makes it a less maintenance toy (just like you want your partner to be 😉 ). The dildo can be cleaned with soapy water and is compatible with water and silicone-based lubricants. It is phthalate-free and hence safe.


  • PVC making it low maintenance
  • Compatible with water and silicone-based lubricant
  • Phthalate-free


  • No suction base for some hands-free action

Bottom Line

Doc Johnson’s Classic 10 Inch is definitely a good toy if you want to experience some BBC even without a suction base it more than makes up for it by its size and low maintenance.

2. Large Silicone Colours Dildo in Black

Everyone wants to feel a BBC for their size and length.  Why take away the pleasure of a BBC filling inside you deep? Silicone color dildo in black lets you have your best Bbc experience.

It is the most realistic black dildo you can lay your hands on. It is molded from a real penis (yup you heard that right, talk about realism!) to give you a lifelike black dildo.

The realistic black dildo has an insertable length of 7.25” and a girth of 6” so you get a wide base. The dildo also has squeezable balls and veins throughout to even the wrinkles on the balls so it feels as real as it can be.

The dildo has suction cups at the base, you know what that means? If you want to go hands-free and ride your BBC like a horse, you can!.

The suction cup lets you fix the dildo on a smooth surface like floor, wall, or mirror and go completely hands-free and the dildo coming off during the action is the last thing you’ll worry about because it is equipped with a strong suction that you need.

Take this bad boy to your shower and spice things up!. The dildo is also compatible with a harness or a strap on which lets your partner ride that BBC for you.

The dildo is also perfect for anal play with those squishy balls to bounce on. The dildo is made from 100% medical-grade silicone so you know this is the real deal.

The silicon doesn’t give off any odor, is nonporous, and won’t harbor bacteria making it hypoallergenic. The silicone is also temperature sensitive and matches your body heat.

You can also soak them in warm or cold water and experience that sensation it gives.

The dildo can be fully sterilized by soaking in boiling water but also can be cleaned using simple soap and water. Always use water-based lubes when needed and avoid contact with other silicone toys or products.


  • Lifelike black dildo
  • Silicone is temperature sensitive
  • uction cup at the base
  • Low maintenance with easy cleaning


  • No vibrator

Bottom Line

The Large Silicone Colours Dildo in Black is for you if you are looking for a lifelike a dildo with some great hands-free action.

3. Fetish Fantasy Vibrating 9” Hollow Strap-On in Brown

Why get a dildo and a vibrator when you can have both in one? You can have the pleasure of deep penetration and the sensation of the vibrator with this dildo.

This strap on style dildo is designed to vibrate and to give you a hands-free pleasurable experience. The dildo is also very versatile. The hollow design is specifically made to slide a penis in.

The smooth chamber inside fits the penis really well. The dildo is fixed by comfortable and stretchy elastic straps that go around the waist and also between the butt cheeks and sits comfortably and securely throughout the whole time.

It is a simple yet enjoyable solution to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It doesn’t matter if you came, put this bad boy on and go at it again as long you desire.

Marathon sex with your partner can be a whole new experience and you’ll last longer than ever before. Although designed for men, this harness can be used by women and can have a great time with it.

The dildo has an insertable length of 8.5” and will be perfect for deep penetration and also with a width of 1.75”, it will be a filling experience once inside.

The dildo is great for anal play as well, the vibration adds to the pleasure especially for men as they can feel the vibration in the prostate gland and is stimulated. The dildo is made of smooth and flexible PVC which makes it sturdy enough for anal play.

Coming to the vibration, it is controlled by a slick little remote which has a back clip and can be clipped on to the strap so that the control always on you for quick access throughout the playtime.

The vibration is powered by a powerful multi-speed motor embedded right at the tip of the dildo so it does the job like any other vibrator out there. The hollow can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water or any good toy cleaning liquids.

Compatible with both water and silicone-based lubricants. It requires 2 AA batteries which are sold separately. The waistband fits up to 52 inches (132.1 cm) so you can easily wear it even if you are plus size. All in all this dildo is a great toy giving much pleasure for men and women.


  • Vibrating feature making it more pleasurable and intense
  • Designed for both male and female use
  • Compatible with both water and silicone-based lubricants


  • Requires batteries

Bottom Line

The Fetish Fantasy Vibrating 9” Hollow Strap-On in Brown is definitely the dildo you looking for if you want some strap on fun paired up with vibrator for even more stimulative experience.

4. Basix 10 Inch Fat Boy Dildo in Black

For someone who really likes some BBC, this is the best Bbc dildo to get hold of. If you also are someone looking to go bigger, then this is the dildo for you.

This is a fat boy of BBCs with a realistic shape and size. It has an insertable length of 7.25 inches and has a girth of 7 inches at the largest point and a width of 2.75 inches at the largest point.

With the best Bbc dildo like this, it will be deep and filling once inside giving you the best experience of a BBC that you truly desire. With some lube, this fat boy will be great and safe for deep anal play.

The squishy textured balls at the base will act as a handle and can be placed on a surface to some extent. The base provides some kind of suction but won’t work really well for vertical surfaces.

The dildo is made of 100% formulated rubber and is latex and phthalate-free making it a safe toy for your BBC needs. The rubber is soft yet firm enough to completely satisfy you.

The dildo has a texture of veins all the way to the balls for added pleasure and has a nice matte feel to it.

The dildo is not compatible to be used with a harness or a strap on. But with the right hands, this dildo feels amazing and satisfying. To keep your fat boy looking good, use a good water-based lubricant and wash it with soapy water before and after use.

All in all, this BBC dildo will fill you up giving you great pleasure and is phthalate-free and hypoallergenic making it a safe Bbc dildo for your sexy time and your sex partner.


  • Also safe for anal action
  • Extra deep penetration
  • Balls act as a barrier restricting any accidental too far slip in


  • No suction base for hands-free action

Bottom Line

Best if you are looking for a black dildo which can also be used for some anal action. While it doesn’t have a suction base for hands-free action the fat boy lives up to its name and is extremely fulfilling.

5. ColourSoft 8″ Silicone Dildo in Black

Ah, we all know how addictive a BBC can be, one taste leaving you wanting more and more or perhaps you had always wanted to try your first BBC. But no matter thanks to the ColourSoft 8″ Silicone Dildo in Black you could have your BBC anytime and anywhere.

The 8 Inch Soft from ns novelties’ Colours collection is one of the most realistic and life-like black dildoes out there with no details spared as they say the devil is in the details the 8 Inc soft is designed so as to capture every curve, vein, and ridge in its plushy silicone.

So now we know it’s a very realistic looking black dildo but does that mean it could feel like a real BBC? I mean looks can be deceiving after all.

But rest assured the life-like black dildo doesn’t just look lifelike but also it is temperature receptive and also flexes and bends quite subtly so that you may have perfect placement all the while remaining quite firm and satisfying through the whole 8-inch shaft till it’s perfectly thick and squeezable balls.

The black dildo also allows to be paired up with some harness system allowing you kinky folks some strap on fun and also the 8-inch shaft is quite safe even for the deepest of penetration as the thick balls act as a barrier restricting any accidental too-far slips and possibly even save you from an embarrassing trip to the ER even through your wildest and most intensive orgasmic action.

To help achieve this and give you more hands-free action this 8-inch black dildo is made up of a sturdy and strong suction base which can be stuck anywhere whether it be walls, the floor, the windows, tables, countertops or even the bathtub.

So stick it and ride that BBC dildo hands-free till your knees go weak with mind-shattering orgasmic bliss all the while letting those free hands explore all over yourself let them stimulate you further, after all, there’s no such thing as too much pleasure 😉

The life-like black dildo has a length of 10 inches while the insertable length being 8 inches and the girth is around 6 inches at the largest point with the width being 5 inches at the largest point.

The dildo is also extremely body-safe with it being reliably hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for those kinksters who have sensitive skin.

The black dildo is also remarkable for it being a low maintenance toy with it being cleaned easily and thoroughly either by using warm soapy water or even a good toy care fluid/foam it could also be cleaned in dishwasher with it set to low heat and no soap or even boiled for total sterilization.

Also, the black dildo is for water-based lubes only, and contact with silicone lubes and products should be avoided.


  • Lifelike black dildo
  • Silicone is temperature sensitive
  • Suction cup at the base for some hands-free action
  • Low maintenance with easy cleaning


  • No vibrator if you are looking for an added simulation

Bottom Line

The ColourSoft 8″ Silicone Dildo in Black gives you a very realistic feel as well as being low maintenance added with some great hands-free fun.

Now that we listed a few of the best BBC dildos out there what are you waiting for? Go order the one you feel best suited for your particular taste.

Wishing you all some very stimulating and pleasurable days ahead;)

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